It was a common theme across the Pacific that many ancient Oceanic people incorporated the use of Limestone and Volcanic Rock in their everyday lives.  Ancient Oceanic people shaped stone into tools, weapons, structural components and even used them religiously.   The use of stone was so significant to the Oceanic people that their very survival and existence depended on it.  It was so woven into the the cultural fabric that Pacific cultures to this day believe it to be part of their Identity.   From the Latte stones of the Chamorros, Stone Money of Yap, Nan Madol of Pohnpei, the Heiaus of the Hawaiians and the Moai of Rapa Nui, one can attest the significance of these iconic relics made out of stone to a People.  STEADY is the word added to "ROCK" that depicts the testament of these relics lasting throughout the years under the elements, still standing through the test of time.


  The 670 Rocksteady Shop was established in 2007 and is located on the DEEP SIDE of the PACIFIC ocean on the Island of Saipan, Mariana Islands.  The 670 Rocksteady Shop was founded by Frank and May Cabrera who had the idea of collecting the best artists of all genres in the region and putting them under one roof in the attempt to promote and reflect society.  This idea initiated the creation of the first Regional Base Culture Shop (RBC) of the Islands.  The 670 Rocksteady Shop is the first shop to truly focus in on culture of the region and transcend that onto products.  The 670 Rocksteady Shop’s adopted principle from the United States of America “For the people By the people,” is used to reflect that all products are designed and made locally for the local populace and gain the title as the "People's Shop."

    The 670 Rocksteady Shop is also a silk screen printing shop and have been so since 2009.   We do accept orders and have gained notoriety on the islands for quality of prints and great customer service.   Relatively a young printing business, the 670 Rocksteady Shop employs Master Printers with over 20 years of experience and expertise.   Each shirt is printed in house with great craftsmanship and is cured individually.   We take great pride in your shirts.


  In 2007, talented artist of the Marianas assembled under the Rocksteady banner in the attempt to promote and represent the culture, people and life of the Marianas.  Rocksteady artists powered by their love for art and culture blew up the scene with designs that captured the hearts and minds of the people.  It was through this reflection that shined a polished culture of mix races, nationalities and backgrounds living together in harmony bonded by PACIFIC island ideals.  In effect, this cultivated the ROOTS of the Rocksteady Movement.  The Rocksteady phenomenon has captivated the rest of the Pacific realm and the world with its fresh, unique sense of philosophy and style.  We believe that the MIXTURE of Deep untainted PACIFIC culture that still exist in the Marianas and the very talented artists capture a very REAL and AUTHENTIC Pacific style that can't be found no where in the world.  DEEP AND REAL as the Pacific Ocean is what the Rocksteady movement is all about....  And since 2007, the 670 Rocksteady Shop has marketed numerous shirts and designs spreading the Rocksteady movement all over the world one person at a time. 


   "i" for internet and international, iRocksteady.com is bringing the 670 Rocksteady Shop to the world.  iRocksteady.com is devoted to promoting and enhancing the Rocksteady Movement through its authentic style of fashion in apparel and accessories.  This site is also devoted to all the Rocksteady faithful around the world who had to leave the Islands for one reason or another but have continued supporting us since day one!! THIS IS FOR YOU!!  The 670 Rocksteady Shop house Brands that revolutionized the Pacific realm such as MAGAS®, 670, DEEP SIDE, MAS MAGAS and STRESSFREE CNMI COMPANY® is now in your house, on your computer laptop, phone or tablet and is at the will of your finger tips...  SO you can Rocksteady all day every day!!!